Wire Transfer
Do you need to quickly get money to your friends and family who live far away? Simply provide us with the amount you need to send as well as to whom and where it's going, and we'll have the money wired out of your account and on its way. It's just one of the many advantages of being a People First FCU member.
Outgoing Wires

The receiving institution must be contacted for specific wiring instructions before the wire transfer can be completed. The account holder assumes sole responsibility for providing correct wiring instructions.

When requesting an outgoing wire transfer, please have the following information available:

  • Your name, People First FCU account number and the amount of the wire transfer.
  • Institution and branch name
  • Exact address of the branch (including street, city, zip and country)
  • Institution Branch Routing and Transit Number
  • Name of the person or company to whom you are sending the wire, their address and account number
  • Further credit information (final beneficiary), if necessary
  • Foreign Swift Code for international wires, if available

Outgoing wire transfer requests must be received by 4:00 p.m. EST in order to be processed the same business day. Requests received after that time will be processed the next business day. Domestic Wire Transfers usually post to the beneficiary's account within 24 hours. International Wire Transfers can take several business days to process. People First FCU cannot guarantee when the receiving institution will credit the beneficiary's account. Please contact the receiving institution to verify receipt of funds. Outgoing wires can be sent Monday - Friday.

Incoming Wires

All U.S. currency incoming wires to accounts at People First FCU must be sent with the following information:

  • Send to: People First Federal Credit Union; ABA # 231379115; 2141 Downyflake Lane, Allentown PA 18103
  • Further Credit to: member name, member account number, address and share number
  • Swift Code for foreign wires: Please see the instruction sheet for more information.

Incoming wires can be received Monday - Friday.

See our Consumer Fee Schedule for associated fees.

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