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Loan Protection Insurance

When life takes an unexpected turn, it's good to know People First FCU is there. We offer a variety of loan protection programs so you won't have to worry about loan payments or unnecessary costs when unforeseen situations arise.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

In the event of a total loss or unrecovered theft, your insurance company will only pay the actual cash value of your vehicle. Most likely, this amount will be significantly lower than what you still owe on the vehicle. That means you'll be responsible for the remaining balance of your loan and your insurance policy deductible.

GAP protection takes care of that by paying the difference between the insurance company's settlement and your loan balance. GAP protection also pays your insurance company's deductible up to your policy maximum. That's a lot of protection for a small cost.

Make sure you protect your automotive investment. Get GAP protection with your next auto loan!

Auto Advantage Program

A benefit provided to the borrower on behalf of People First FCU when a GAP policy is purchased. Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR) is the primary benefit included in the Auto Advantage Program, it is an individual member benefit that reimburses the deductible for any loss covered by the borrower's auto insurance policy for ALL passenger vehicles owned (i.e. titled or registered) AND insured (i.e. Named Insured) by the enrolled member.

See our Frequently Asked Questions - Insurance page for more details.

Credit Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance is a low-cost, voluntary coverage that will make your monthly loan payments up to the policy maximum if you or your covered joint borrower dies.

  • Your loan balance is paid up to the coverage maximum in the event of death
  • Protects your family from the financial burden in the event of your death
  • Your insurance premium is included in the loan payment
  • Simple and convenient enrollment

Credit Disability Insurance

Credit Disability Insurance is a low-cost, voluntary coverage that will make your monthly loan payments up to the policy maximum should you become disabled.

  • Simple and convenient enrollment
  • Immediate coverage
  • Loan payments are covered in the event of disability, protecting your credit rating
  • May protect multiple loans, each up to a separate maximum amount rather than an aggregate limit

GAP is underwritten by Balboa and can be purchased at the time of loan closing. Some conditions may apply. To sign up for GAP after loan closing, contact People First FCU. GAP Protection is not insurance.

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