Frequently Asked Questions | Recuperative Care Plan (RCP)

This insurance supplements your other coverage plans. In the event your doctor keeps you in the hospital because of an accidental injury or sickness, RCP pays you cash while you get better for each day you are hospitalized by your doctor.

RCP picks up where HAP in-hospital insurance leaves off to cover out-of-pocket expenses when you are out of the hospital. Plus RCP adds "all-sickness" coverage even for pre-existing illnesses, pays extra "direct-to-you" cash in addition to any other insurance, and provides "get well" benefits paid in one lump sum upon discharge.

The cash is paid directly to you to help defray the cost of recuperation or the incidentals that result from an unplanned hospital stay. When you are home from the hospital, you can spend it to pay monthly bills, recovery expenses, or anything else you want.

No. This insurance pays you cash while you get well only for each day that your doctor has kept you in the hospital for covered accidents and sicknesses.

No. There are no medical questions or physical exams required to qualify.

No. Your coverage is guaranteed, provided you are 18 years of age or older.

No termination age, however, Recuperative Accident and Recuperative Sickness benefits reduce 50% at age 70.

The effective date is shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

It takes about 30 days from the time the enrollment form is received to process and issue the Certificate of Insurance.

Share and Share Draft premiums will be automatically debited from your account quarterly/monthly. These transactions will be reflected on your statement.

The claims are processed within five days of the Plan Administrator receiving the appropriate information and documentation in their offices in Nashville, TN. Once processed, the claim is then forwarded to the underwriter for determination of benefits.

The Plan Administrator is Affinion Benefits Group, LLC, a division of Affinion Group, the nation's largest provider of direct response insurance programs.

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