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Frequently Asked Questions

Checking FAQs

Do I have to open a checking account when I join PFFCU?

No, but to benefit from other services like our Visa Debit Card and Bill Payer, it would be beneficial to you. Plus, our checking account is FREE.

Is there a minimum balance requirement?

There is no minimum balance requirement on checking.

Why is there a difference between my balance and the available balance?

There may be checks on hold that have been deposited, or Point-of-Sale transactions may be on hold until the actual transaction is processed.

How do I get a copy of a paid check?

A free copy of a paid check (both front and back) is available in PC Access. Otherwise, you can order a copy of a check for a small fee by calling our Member Service Center, stopping by a branch or send us an

How many checks may I write each month without a fee?

We do not limit you as to the number of checks you can write, nor do we charge a fee per check written.

I need more checks. How can I reorder more?

If you will be ordering the exact same check without any changes (name, address, style), you can reorder in PC Access, call Tellerphone or our Member Service Center, or mail in the reorder form enclosed in your box of
checks. If you will be making any change to the previous order, you must visit a branch.

When can I expect my checks after I ordered them?

Your checks will be mailed to you 10 to 14 business days after we received your order. The process could be expedited if you decide to rush your order (additional charges may apply).

I don't write many checks. Can I place a smaller order?

You can order a mini pack, which provides you with 20 checks at a lower cost.

What is Courtesy Pay?

Courtesy Pay is a service that adds a measure of protection to your checking account. Courtesy Pay may cover your insufficient funds items, up to your approved limit, for one $35 fee per covered overdraft transaction.

That means, instead of returning a check to the merchant because of insufficient funds, the credit union may pay your item which will save you additional charges from the merchant collection companies.

How does Courtesy Pay work?

When a check or ACH withdrawal is presented for payment against your People First checking account, it may be paid using:

  • The funds in the account
  • Through the available balance in your Line of Credit (if applicable)
  • Overdraft Protection from a savings account (if applicable)
  • Through Courtesy Pay, up to a limit of $500

Once the first three options have been expended and Courtesy Pay is used to pay a check or ACH withdrawal, a fee of $35 will be assessed to your account for each item that draws your account negative. You then have up to
30 days to bring the account current, either through a direct deposit, transfer of funds, or a deposit at one of our branches.

This is the same fee that would have been incurred if the check or ACH withdrawal were returned for insufficient funds. But with Courtesy Pay, you will avoid the extra charges merchants would add to a returned check or
ACH withdrawal.

Courtesy Pay is offered as a privilege and People First reserves the right to return check or ACH requests when sufficient funds are not available in your account.

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