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Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Deposit FAQs

What is Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit is a safe and easy way to have your money deposited directly into your People First account. Direct deposit allows a company or organization to electronically deposit money to your account on a scheduled basis. So instead of taking the time to cash a check yourself, the money will automatically be deposited into your account on the appointed date. It's that simple!

Why should I use Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit offers you many advantages over checks, including:

  • Convenience: No more special trips to the credit union to cash your check.
  • Reliability: No more waiting for your check to arrive in the mail. You can have peace of mind knowing your money will always be in your account on time.
  • Security: No more worrying about lost, stolen, or misplaced checks.

How can I sign up for Direct Deposit?

To sign up for direct deposit please contact your employer or payment provider for details. Simply provide the following People First FCU Routing/Transit Number - 231379115. For saving deposits use your credit union account number. To have the funds directly deposited into your checking account utilize the 10-digit account number on the bottom of your checks.

What is the correct Routing/Transit Number for People First FCU?

The correct Routing/Transit Number is 231379115.

What is the difference between Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction?

With direct deposit, your paycheck, retirement or government-issued check is electronically transferred and deposited into your credit union account every pay period. With payroll deduction, a pre-determined portion of your net pay is automatically deposited into your account(s) every pay period.

How do I stop Direct Deposit?

To stop direct deposit contact your employer or payment provider.

What types of payments can be Directly Deposited?

Any ongoing regularly scheduled payment is a good candidate for direct deposit. In addition to company salary, pension payments, unemployment payments, and income received from investments, annuities and mutual funds, many government payments may qualify.

How can I control where my money goes if I don't get a paycheck?

Direct deposit gives you complete control. You designate the financial institution (People First FCU), and the account (savings or checking), for your pay to be directly deposited into. Then, if you would like funds transferred to another savings or loan account, you can set it up with a credit union Representative.

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