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PC Access Security

At People First Federal Credit Union we use Extended Validation SSL Certificates by Verizon to secure all of your financial transactions over the Internet. These certificates provide a 128-bit encrypted connection between your browser and PC Access. If you have an older Internet browser that does not support 128-bit encryption, you will need to upgrade your browser in order to use PC Access.

Internet Security Technology

All web pages within PC Access are fully encrypted to ensure a high level of confidentiality. At People First FCU maintaining the confidentiality of your information is of prime importance. While we continue to evaluate and implement the latest improvements in Internet security technology, we strongly suggest you do your part and always follow the recommendations listed below:

While using PC Access we strongly recommend that your computer be connected to the internet using one of the browsers indicated. PC Access is best viewed and is most secure when you use the most recent version of one of these browsers, as they are certified for use on our web site.

  • PC:
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Macintosh:
    • Firefox
    • Safari
  • Your password must be kept confidential. Utilize a strong password and change it frequently to ensure that the information cannot be guessed or used by others.
  • When using PC Access only select the "Remember My Device" option on private computers. Do not select this option on a public computer.
  • Be sure others are not watching you enter information on the keyboard when using PC Access.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged in to PC Access. Others may approach your computer and gain access to your account information if you walk away.
  • Click the Log Out button when you are finished using PC Access to properly end your session. Once a session has been ended, no further transactions can be processed until you sign in to PC Access again.
  • Keep your computer free of viruses. Use virus protection software to routinely check for viruses on your computer. Never allow a virus to remain on your computer while accessing PC Access.

At People First FCU we are improving the accessibility and usability of our website for our members and potential members. Our efforts are based on the standards for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. It is our policy to ensure that persons with disabilities have full and equal opportunity to benefit from our services on our website and on other online services. If you have any questions or need help with any content on our website or online services, please contact us at or by calling our Member Service Center at 610.797.7440.

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